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Informationsblatt der Rechtsantragstelle in englischer Sprache

Information for visitors to the legal application office (Rechtsantragstelle) of Salzgitter county court (Amtsgericht Salzgitter)

Amtsgericht Salzgitter, Joachim-Campe-Strasse 15, 38226 Salgitter-Lebenstedt

Translator is necessary!

The language in court is German. Therefore it is necessary that you are accompanied by a translator or a person who speaks German.

I. Opening times:


Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm,

and additionally in urgent cases:

Monday to Thursday from 2 pm to 3 pm.

Cases of consulting assistance are generally not deemed urgent.


From 9 am to 11.30 am, ticket numbers must be taken from the ticket machine in room 112. This determines the order in which visitors are seen.

Waiting times are to be expected. We ask for your understanding in this matter.

II. Applications and declarations

The legal application office is open to anyone who wishes to file an application as part of legal proceedings or make a declaration in the protocol.

This excludes applications for which representation by a lawyer is mandatory (for example: divorce applications).

Please be aware:

Your applications and declarations can only be recorded in the legal application office. However, you cannot receive any legal advice.

You must therefore have concrete ideas about the applications you wish to file or the declaration you wish to submit.

It is not permitted to provide you with any information in the legal application office about whether your conduct in the proceedings offers a chance of success.

Please bring all documents that you think could be important for the proceedings. Legal file references, previous verdicts, court protocols, existing applications and proof of your current income (e.g. statement of earnings, notifications from the employment agency/job centre) are particularly important.

If you wish to file applications for other people (for example: your wife, children of legal age), it is mandatory to have a written power of attorney.

III. Consulting assistance

In the legal assistance office, citizens with a low income can obtain a “Certificate of Eligibility” by means of an oral application if the requirements for such a certificate have been fulfilled. You can take this certificate to your lawyer and receive legal advice from him or her.

The Certificate of Eligibility can only be issued if the lawyer has not worked for you. If the lawyer has already advised you or has completed a letter for you, it is no longer possible to issue it.

The lawyer can charge an additional € 15.00 in VAT for his or her subsequent extrajudicial work.

In order to check your personal and financial circumstances, you must submit income statements or wage slips, notifications from the employment agency, pension statements or similar. Furthermore, you must also verify certain particulars (for example rent, loan repayments, instalment payments, insurance).

You must bring these documents with you.

Please do not forget your identification papers!!!

Please be aware:

It is only the county court (Amtsgericht) of the county in which the applicant has his or her residence that is responsible for the approval of the consultation assistance. Peine county court (Amtsgericht Peine) is responsible for residents of the community of Lengede.

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